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For children only the best will do!


World of experience

We, Knopf and Frieda accompany you on your search for the 3,000 teddy bears through fantastic animated worlds of experience for all senses!

Historical area

In the historical area you will see selected and today rare pieces from the 135-year Steiff history. A paradise for fans, collectors and all those who love Steiff animals.

Showroom production

Experience live on site how Steiff animals are lovingly handcrafted according to traditional production methods and how Steiff animals see the light of day in our Steiff factory.

Steiff Petting Zoo

Experience our fantastic world of large animals - the world's largest Steiff petting zoo. Marvel at life-size, exotic Steiff animals on your very own private safari.

Steiff snake slide

The largest Steiff snake slide - the first walkable Steiff animal in the world winds its way through the Steiff Museum. 15 meters long, 800 kg heavy, 80 cm diameter, 60 square meters of mohair. Look forward to a rapid slide.