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For children only the best will do!
A heavenly new product line

Heavenly Hugs - the perfect cuddle

Are you ready for a totally new cuddling experience? The Heavenly Hugs teddies made of extra-soft plush are great for hugging tight and snuggling up to. Afterwards, they return to their shape very quickly thanks to their special filling made of high-class foam with memory effect.

This is what cuddling with the Heavenly Hugs teaddy bears looks like:

Allow us to present our first new Heavenly Hugs Teddy bears:

This is what makes Heavenly Hugs so special:

A special, breathable filling material with memory effect makes Heavenly Hugs Teddy bears perfect for cuddling fun. When hugged and squeezed, the teddies gently mould themselves to the shape of your child’s body, so cuddling with them becomes a totally new experience. They also make the best pals for falling asleep because it’s even comfortable to lie on them - almost like lying on a pillow. After cuddling, they only need a moment to return to their original shape. Heavenly Hugs Teddy bears ensure many wonderful hours of cuddling and heavenly dreams.