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For children only the best will do!
National Geographic Yuku koala
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National Geographic Yuku koala
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National Geographic Yuku koala

Yuku koala belongs to a special toy plush collection created by Steiff in collaboration with National Geographic. The collection is comprised … more

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Size29 cm
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These are my attributes

Item number: 355745

Yuku koala belongs to a special toy plush collection created by Steiff in collaboration with National Geographic. The collection is comprised of animals photographed by Joel Sartore as part of the National Geographic Photo Ark initiative, a multi-year effort that uses the power of photography to inspire people to help protect species before it's too late. Joel's photos highlight at risk animal species throughout the world. When you shop with us, you help further the work of our scientists, explorers, and educators around the world. To learn more, visit natgeo.com/info. Join the Steiff team as we help raise awareness for these at risk species form all around the world! Yuku koala from Steiff’s National Geographic series represents one of Australia’s most famous and iconic animals. Koalas live in the light woodland areas of south-eastern Australia, and mostly feed on leaves, bark and eucalyptus berries. They have also been under threat for years, especially due to deforestation, motorists and wild dogs. Furthermore, the devastating Australian bush fires in 2019/2020 cost the lives of thousands of koala bears, which had a serious impact on their already decreasing population numbers. Measuring 29 cm tall, our friendly Yuku koala is made of cuddly soft plush. This grey and white bear has been lovingly created based on the original. His arms and legs are a shimmery silver colour. His hands, which he uses for climbing and gripping, each come with two thumbs and three fingers, and both his hands and feet are finished with characteristic claws. His big black nose and wonderfully soft, long-pile plush ears are his most important sensory organs. Yuku koala can’t wait to move in with you!

What makes me special?
  • Health safety
  • Unrivalled quality since 1880
  • Top-quality materials
How do you take care of me?

That's what I'm made of

Primary Color:
made of cuddly soft plush
Material Composition:
stuffed with synthetic filling material
with stainless steel "Button in Ear"
with safety eyes
machine washable at 30° C