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For children only the best will do!

Children's toys from Steiff

There is nothing more beautiful than children's eyes glowing and children's laughter on a sunny afternoon in the garden. In our online shop toy box many colourful toys for outside and inside are waiting for fun rounds with the best friend or girlfriend. The toys convince with the highest Steiff quality, are robust, durable and free from harmful substances. So your girls and boys can already romp carefree on the playground from the age of 1 year. Steiff toys promote motor development through a lot of movement and stimulate your children's imagination through play. Discover many new products that make children's hearts beat faster in the Steiff Toy Online Shop. The Steiff wheel is made of solid wood and invites you to go on rapid discovery tours. With Steiff, your children will not only play with modern, functional and high-quality outdoor toys, but will also find a fun play companion for every indoor game, with ball and hand puppet. There's a lot of fun lurking here!