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Pour les enfants, nous n'exigeons que le meilleur!
We’re celebrating 140 years of Steiff with you – tell us your personal story and, with a bit of luck, win one of our fantastic prizes!


First prize:
A trip to Berlin with your family and accommodation at the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt. You’ll also take part in an exclusive photo shoot of you and your beloved Steiff toy.

Second prize:
Josey Grizzly bear and Little elephant with rattle

Third prize:
Little elephant

How can you participate?
Share your story about your Steiff toy with us. We would love to see a photo of you with your Steiff friend. You can send your story to by email or by post to Margarete Steiff GmbH – Marketing Operations, Richard-Steiff-Straße 4, 89537 Giengen, Germany. We will collect all of the stories and publish a selection of them on our campaign site. All submissions will of course be included in the competition. The winners will be notified by email.

Length of competition:
You have the opportunity to participate in the competition from now until the 6th of July 2020. GOOD LUCK!!

140 Stories

Since 1880, the “World of Steiff” has fascinated people around the world. Steiff cuddly toys have been and will always be loyal companions for both young and old alike – as a playmate, loyal friend, closest confidante or a snuggly bedtime buddy. Steiff cuddly toys are always by your side. Now it’s your turn to tell us your story about your Steiff friend. Let the stories from other Steiff enthusiasts inspire you – we hope you enjoy reading them!

Peter and his Zotty

As a descendent of Margarete Steiff’s brother, I grew up with Steiff all around me. I was so incredibly lucky to grow up in a family with the famous “Button in ear” friends all around me. Along with all the precious memories and plush toys, I have one piece I connect to my own story. At the age of three, I was a photo model in a Steiff advertisement campaign. During the shoot, that year's new collection was in the studio around me, but I only had eyes for one bear. This was “Zotty” – I was in seventh heaven when they gave him to me at the end of the production. As a member of the family, I of course own quite a number of Steiff plush toys. But when I saw Zotty for the first time, I knew that he belonged to me. I still own that bear today. He proudly sits on a shelf in my office at home right below the Steiff family tree. His ear tag is still there; he has only lost the paper tag on his chest in all the playing over the years. I’m so happy that my Zotty is still in great shape. Shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise, since he is a Steiff through and through.

Kristina and Knuffi

I have worked for Margarete Steiff GmbH in Giengen since my training and have certainly seen and adored hundreds of cuddly toys during that time – from a professional point of view. But I have bought just one animal for myself to this day. And it was this koala bear more than ten years ago who I fell in love with the moment I saw him. He has been by my side through all the years since and has experienced both the happy and the difficult times with me. He gave me joy, assurance, comfort & security. And although I have spoken often and profusely about the magic, familiarity and meaning of cuddly toys during my many years at & with Steiff as a brand, it is still fascinating to now see my own son experience it all without ever having spoken with him about it. I know in the end that the koala will probably always be “my” cuddly toy & that my sons will find their own favourite animals from Steiff that will accompany them through their lives. And that means my koala has once again guided & accompanied me through such an important part of my life.

Anja and Toldi

Toldi was given to me as a present on my first birthday and he is the only cuddly toy that I still have. He has gone everywhere with me ever since then – on every holiday, to kindergarten and even in the bathtub – because I wanted to know what he looked like wet. And since I always preferred playing with cuddly toys to playing with dolls, he even had to wear (or perhaps bear) doll clothes. Toldi has always been there for me to this very day and shares my joy or supports me in difficult situations. I also happened to firmly believe that I had named Toldi myself until visiting the Steiff Museum last year – and I had even given him a last name: “Toldi Ossmann”. It was only after visiting Giengen that I rediscovered Toldi and realised that his name was from Steiff & I think nobody could have found a better one.

Jana and Schildi

My Schildi is actually getting on in years and she is even older than me and has accompanied me all my life, she was faster than any lightning for me as a child, rolling on her through the apartment meant mobility, freedom and lots of fun for me. I rolled with her into all areas of the apartment and no doorsill or couch could stop me and in the evening when I had to go to bed, she stood next to me and slept until the next morning to jet through the apartment again with full power. Also today she has a place in our living room, even if she looks taken along and played with, she can always be in our midst, because for me she was the epitome of mobility.