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Steiff Club

Steiff Club members

Exclusive benefits for Steiff fans

As a Steiff Club member you belong to a circle of enthusiastic Steiff collectors and fans; people who have kept childhood memories and share their interest for the 140-year, fascinating history of Steiff and its products. The success story of Steiff began in 1880, when the company's founder Margarete Steiff made her first stuffed animal, the little elephant, and it continues... Members of the Steiff Club enjoy exclusive benefits.

Your club benefits

Steiff Club gift

A high quality Steiff item as an annual gift

Club members receive a special collectors item every membership year.

Steiff Club Edition

Exclusive Club editions

The Club editions are the highlights of our product range: lovingly designed items with a very special, expressive character.

Steiff Club Magazine

Club magazine

Twice a year (in February and August) you will receive the Steiff Club magazine - with interesting facts about Steiff, information on special editions, exhibitions, co-operations and much more in a digital version and/or by post.

Early information about Steiff novelties for collectors

As a Club member you will be sent brochures on the latest creations by Steiff both in a digital version and/or by post.

Free admission to the Steiff museum

Discover an exceptional destination full of surprises, experiences and emotions: the Steiff Museum in Giengen.

Club Events

Every year, a multitude of attractive events are organised by the Club stores and the Steiff Club. This is where you will be informed in an entertaining way about the latest products by Steiff.

Membership card

A high quality membership card makes you a Steiff V.I.P. and allows you to enjoy privileges such as free admission to the Steiff museum.

Are you interested?

Please contact the Steiff Club directly, Tel. +497322 / 131-555 or e-mail: info@steiff-club.de