Mein Steiff

Stuffed animals from the house of Steiff

Horse, dog, cat, rabbit. Dealing with animals makes our lives richer and more colourful. But where a real pet is not only incredibly fun, but also a lot of work, Steiff's cuddly toys are very easy-care creatures. At first glance, the stuffed animals can hardly be distinguished from their real role models from nature.
But the Steiff cuddly animals are much more patient and forgiving when small children's hands get to grips with their cuddly soft fur made of plush or woven fur.
A Steiff cuddly toy is made with a lot of love and passion, after all, the cuddly toy should be a lifelong companion. The stuffed animals experiences many adventures with your child and protects it from the dark night.
Here you'll find an unbeatable variety of cuddly toys that are developed and produced with love and passion. Dogs, cats and mice get along splendidly in the world of Steiff and are already looking forward to your little new friend.
In addition to cuddly toys that you know from home and garden, fantasy animals like Starly the Unicorn and Rocky the Dragon are also waiting for their new owners. Wild cuddly animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys and bears are just as at home in the world of Steiff as turtles, elephants, dolphins and giraffes.
A wild boar, mole, fawn and hedgehog have also found their way into the Steiff Online Shop and are eager to explore their home, the forest, together with many children.
A whole host of curious Steiff cuddly animals are just waiting to turn the children's room upside down, discover the world and have lots of fun.