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For children only the best will do!
Hanni dangling lamb
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Hanni dangling lamb
Hanni dangling lamb
Hello, I am

Hanni dangling lamb

She can sit all light and fluffy in her favourite spot – a joy to look at! Other times, the friendly … more

Available in 3-6 business days
Size25 CM

These are my attributes

Item number: 103544

She can sit all light and fluffy in her favourite spot – a joy to look at! Other times, the friendly little lamb puts her front legs around your neck and watches you earnestly. And when it’s time to play, she lets her imagination run wild. Hanni dangling lamb measures 25 cm tall and is cream in colour. With her agile little legs, she loves to dangle off of her favourite humans. Her slightly shiny, wonderfully thick and fluffy plush coat is a joy to touch and stroke. Hanni has a typical lamb’s face which is beautifully accentuated with big eyes and an airbrushed mouth, nose and corners of the eyes. The designers at the Steiff workshop have excelled themselves. Her big, soft ears – one of which comes with a stainless steel “Button in Ear” – can be fully explored by touch! And if you were of the opinion that lambs are cautious animals, then Hanni is about to prove that the opposite is true. Let the games begin...

What makes me special?
  • Health safety
  • Unrivalled quality since 1880
  • Top-quality materials
How do you take care of me?

That's what I'm made of

Primary Color:
made of cuddly soft plush
Material Composition:
100% polyester
stuffed with synthetic filling material
Button in ear:
with stainless steel "Button in Ear"
with safety eyes
Care advice:
machine washable at 30° C