These largest Steiff animals are equally impressive on a movie set or displayed in your home. If you’re here to find a life-size Steiff bear for a child, be sure to read product pages well and choose a giant plush toy for kids (instead of mohair decorations or display animals for film).

Whichever one you choose, these Steiff studio animals are the decorative highlights at any parties or events. Showcase premium quality on commercial premises or at your home with décor from the company that invented the soft toy in 1880 as well as the Teddy Bear in 1902. We use only the finest materials to handmake these life-size animal decorations, which go up to 100 inches. Certain lifelike details are delicately airbrushed or hand-painted on by our talented Steiff artists, depending on the animal. Decorative animals in standing poses have sturdy frames to help them stand on their own. The Steiff legacy of unmatched craftmanship is signified by our world-famous “Button in Ear” trademark.

Our selection of commercial studio animals includes giraffes, bears, elephants, lions and dogs. We even have a unicorn! Life-size Steiff toys for children are available as penguins, lions, tigers, elephants and of course bears. Our Plush Ride-On Animals are unique gifts for kids that they’ll treasure for years, passing it down for future generations to enjoy. These large teddy bears from Steiff also make thoughtful birthday gifts or as a present to parents decorating a nursery.

Some of these large animal decorations or toys are only available for pre-order, while others can be ordered today. Factor in shipping time for your events if you’re considering any pre-order studio animals.