Go Wild: Animal Plush Toys of Land & Sea

Hunt up snuggly love in our collection of wild animal plush representations of real-world beasts. In addition to lions, tigers and bears — oh, my! — our talented artists have crafted wild animals that inhabit earthy and watery habitats from around the globe. From monkeys and orangutans to hippos and elephants, starfish and penguins to boars and crocodiles, we cover a lot of ground and ocean with our plush wild animals. We’ve even got plush dinosaurs to honor the creatures that walked the earth long before the Steiff company invented the world’s very first teddy bear.

Pretend Play Plush: Wild Animals of Dreamland

When it comes to inventive creations of plush, wild animals from the world of imagination take this collection to the next level. Find plush unicorns that whisk away your wee one on fabulous flights of fancy with meticulous craftsmanship and a touch of fairy dust. Breathe fire into a young imagination with a Raudi Dragon Boy plushie that’s filled with endless hugs and whimsical details.