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Open to new ideas despite awareness of tradition

Since its foundation in 1880, Margarete Steiff GmbH has stood for highest quality awareness. After modest beginnings, the "felt toy factory" Steiff rose to become a world-class company. To this day, the manufactory is committed to its unique history. Innovation, creativity and perfection are the secret of its great success. Despite all the awareness of tradition, Steiff is always open to new ideas and has retained the wonderful ability to dream.
Marvel at the charming innovations in the Steiff family. A multitude of new Teddy Bears and their friends are waiting for you. The Steiff collector bears and animals are only made of the best materials: the finest mohair, flawless cotton or high-quality alpaca.
They are all made of high quality material, but the look of the collector animals is different. Each animal is individually designed and always with an eye on the latest trends. Our designers are aware of tradition, but they are not blinkered and are open to new things.

What all animals have in common, apart from their impeccable quality, is the world-famous "button in the ear". This proves that the animals are original Steiff animals. The ear tag indicates whether the item is a limited edition. Animals with this mark are only produced in limited quantities and are therefore all the more sought-after by collectors. They ignite passion and desire. But who can blame you? After all, every Steiff animal is made with so much love and passion that it simply has to be desirable.