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Collector´s Teddy Bears

Steiff teddy bears make collectors' hearts beat faster. The collector bears are very popular among adults and have accompanied them for generations. All Teddy Bears have a unique personality and convince then as now, with the highest quality materials and best workmanship. The cuddly soft fur is made of finest mohair, best alpaca wool or also of the most modern materials like hemp or paper plush. The enchanting hand-embroidered garnish gives every teddy bear's face its unique expression. So it is easy to be captivated by its beauty and its unique character. A limited Steiff bear is a companion for life and it is hard to imagine the repertoire of a true collector without it. Special collector's items such as limited edition teddy bears or replicas are a highlight in every Steiff collector's paradise. The perfect unique specimens also find a place of honour in the Steiff collection as an exclusive gift for any occasion.