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For children only the best will do!
Luca Teddy bear
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Luca Teddy bear
Luca Teddy bear
Hello, I am

Luca Teddy bear

Can I come with you? Luca Teddy bear is committed to bringing a smile to the faces of people all over … more

Currently not available online
Size35 CM
CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

These are my attributes

Item number: 022920

Can I come with you? Luca Teddy bear is committed to bringing a smile to the faces of people all over the world on a daily basis – whether he’s sat on the sofa, on the shelf, on a window sill, on the piano, or anywhere else for that matter. His casually tousled coat, cuddly body, beautifully shaped head and friendly look mean that he brings good vibes wherever he goes. Just like his companions, Luca Teddy bear is a prime example of Steiff’s unique quality. Measuring 35 cm tall, our 5-way jointed Luca Teddy bear is made of the finest antique blonde mohair and stuffed tightly with synthetic material. His snout is carefully crafted and comes with a bold stitched nose. His soles and paws are covered with pale-coloured felt. Our lovable little bear also has a little surprise up his sleeve. Tilt him gently and he’ll let out a belly growl. Have fun with Luca Teddy bear!

What makes me special?
  • with growler
  • 5-way jointed
  • Health safety
How do you take care of me?

That's what I'm made of

Primary Color:
made of finest mohair
Material Composition:
57% mohair, 43% cotton
stuffed with synthetic filling material
Button in ear:
with "Button in Ear" made of brass
with growler
with safety eyes
Care advice:
surface washable