Steiff Limited Edition Collectible Pieces

Our Limited Edition Teddy Bears bring rare beauty to life through the craftsmanship of our talented artisans. Made in small quantities, each of these pieces are infused with personality and a unique set of details. Some of our limited edition collectibles are made with eco-friendly materials like bamboo while others are crafted from the finest mohair. From the 2022 “Steiff Rocks” Elton John collectible bear to our enchanting holiday series of Steiff animals, our limited editions will be welcomed in any teddy bear collection.

Historic Replicas

Since we created the very first teddy bear in 1902, we’ve introduced an entire family of collectible Steiff animals to commemorate historic moments. Find meticulously recreated replicas of the holiday bear that welcomed Woodrow Wilson to the White House in 1913, a loving homage to Winnie the Pooh on his 95th birthday, and more limited edition collectible replicas here. Whether it’s for a White Christmas or a royal wedding, our historic and limited edition teddy bears will be cherished for generations.