Open Edition Steiff Plush Toys

Looking for a thoughtful gift for the collector who has everything? Look no further than this collection of handmade Steiff classics. From the vintage look of our 1909 teddy bear to a fresh take on the hedgehog trend, you’ll find unique collectibles here that no one else has. Both seasoned aficionados and novice collectors will recognize the prestigious Button in Ear trademark of Steiff quality. These pieces are handmade by our talented artists with the utmost craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail, including Swarovski crystal accents on some. Whether they’re for a milestone birthday, graduation, retirement or other special occasion, classic Steiff plush toys never go out of style.

Classic Steiff Plush Toys with a Conscience

The Open Edition Classics Collection also features classic plush toys with a contemporary sense of responsibility. Steiff plush toys like our Bombax Elephant are made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, plant-based felt and recycled PET bottles. These collectibles are part of our Teddies for Tomorrow innovation that focuses on conserving precious resources and making a better world for everyone.