Modern and Vintage Steiff Dogs

The Steiff collection of stuffed-animal dogs is packed with all kinds of classic designs. In fact, you may even find a replica vintage Steiff dog when searching for the perfect pup. These vintage designs pay homage to the midcentury heyday of FAO Schwarz and make great gifts for adults who love a bit of nostalgia from their youth. For little ones today, you'll also find modern styles that offer cute cuddles and friendly personalities.

Find Your Favorite Breed

The Steiff Dog Collection also features dog stuffed animals based on specific breeds for pet lovers. You can shop for a Steiff poodle, dalmatian, golden retriever or German shepherd to get the ideal cuddly companion. Skilled artisans work diligently to master every detail to make these dogs look as lifelike as possible. And like all Steiff products, these teddy bear dogs are made with super-soft plush material and meet the highest standards of quality.